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How you can help out:
- Write a friends bulletin on Justin.TV about it
- Tweet about it on the Twitter-webz!
- Send a link to your BFF Jill (and any other friends you may have)

Better JTV has been used by 21095 people.
  • Reduces clutter by removing unnecessary Justin.TV features
  • Makes chat wider and shorter
  • Fixes all the existing JTV chat bugs
  • Enables timestamps in chat by default
  • Fixes the "Mod Icons" checkbox in chat options
  • Adds five more smileys to chat: :D ;( (poolparty) (puke) (mooning)
  • Fixes :O faces not being converted to emoticons by the JTV chat system
  • Fixes icons and smiley faces not being displayed occasionally in the JTV chat
  • Removes "Pro" badges from chat
  • Changes "Broadcaster" badge to "Host"
  • Removes the Related Channels Tab
  • Retains your chat history, even if a moderator attempts to clear it
  • Shows you links which have been blocked by chat rules
  • Shows you the messages that were posted by timed-out users
  • Linkify's .me links in chat
  • Over 9000 other changes and fixes